Almost on the edge of fashion

It was in November 2012. I was a marketing professional in a job that no longer served me. I was a mother to a growing toddler and I had big ambitions. The entrepreneurial bug  had bitten me (I had dabble in an online retail business idea but the more I did work on it, the more I realised that the problem I was hoping to solve was already being solved by someone else and more importantly, the problem I thought I was solving was actually not a problem at all). So, I remember one day thinking that I have just killed a puppy.
But instead of mourning the loss of the puppy, I was on the internet, trolling all sorts of weird and wonderful clothes sites looking for cute outfits for my little boy. My little boy, at 16 months, was slowly moving out of a baby phase and into a toddler boy phase. The cute unisex clothes that I have been making him wear were increasingly becoming inappropriate but more so, I felt it made me look shabby as a mom that I would let my boy walk out of the house wearing things that are suited for a child 10 months his junior. So I spent all my evenings and all my nights looking for good value for money, yet stylish clothes. I admit, I do not live on the edge of fashion myself but I took the challenge head on. I want my boy to look cute. And I want to do that without breaking the bank. My husband and I are hard working middle class couple and it boggles my mind the obsene amounts of money people spend on kids clothes that will literally be worn a handful of times. Please don’t take that to mean that I am stingy or cheap. When warranted, I will part with my hard earned cash to buy a Gap, fleece lined hoodie, for example.
And thus begins the story of my journey.
I will welcome you into my home and into my life. I will introduce you to my son Neo and I will share with you what I think (humbly) looks cool and where to find all sorts of neat and reasonably-priced clothes for our little men on the world wide web; amongst other things.
I am excited and hope you are too.

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