Challenge accepted

I have always believed that boys’ section at shops is shockingly smaller and less cuter than the girls’. The girls’ outfits have so much variety in terms of style, colours and designs. On the other hand, all you ever get in the boys section are jeans, chinos and a few dungarees. In the short 18 months of Neo’s life, I have managed to collect just about every style and colour of every dungraree ever made in Greater London. I am bored and I am only 18 months in!? This will not do, no sir!
First of all, no more dungarees.  They were cute when he was a baby but not so much now. Besides, they remind me of the old man in that 80s comedy called Stanford and Son (yes, I know, I am showing my age!).  That leaves me with jeans, cargos and chinos. Oh joy! I got annoyed when I got home with a dungraree set from M&S (£16.00) and realised that I had bought an identical one just a few days earlier from Tesco (£12.00). I say it again. No more!
So what’s the challenge? The challenge is to stay in style, be relevant and fashionable without having to resort to dungarees.

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