February = Frugality

I always find at the end of a longer than normal January that when February comes along, I promise myself to be a bit more frugal with my money. Easier said than done… This happens every year!
That’s why this year; I am committed to doing things differently. First step is to set up a budget for Neo’s clothes. Last month, I spent an obscene amount of money on clothes; I’m not even going to say how much… So, I think going forward a minimum of 1% of total income goes to clothes every month unless Neo needs something a bit more expensive like shoes (On the subject of shoes, is it just me or are baby shoes incredibly expensive? ). Then consider increasing it to 2.5% and a maximum of 5%. At Neo’s age it is a bit dangerous to buy expensive clothes anyway as he tumbles, toddles, spills and gets caught in all sorts. I want good quality clothes but I also want him to have the freedom to be a toddler.
Second step is being careful in buying things that Neo does not need. Sure, those trousers at baby Gap are cute and they are on sale, but does he really need them?  I always go into a shop to buy one item and then come out with four. I need help…!
Third step is to stop thinking that this is punishment. Setting a budget means I get to be creative and I get to shop around a bit more to get the best value out of the clothes I do walk out the shop with.
And finally, practise all of the above and not only will the bank balances look healthy but there will be peace at home (i.e. PJ will be happy;))!
Cheers to frugal February!

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