Rain or… rain! – Part 2

It feels a little strange posting about rain coats in the middle of a heat wave but the BBC says it will be raining in London this week-end and the most of next week so some outerwear is in order.


I thought it good to continue this series on rain coats and focus on toddler and preschooler boys. I had a lot of fun finding these and I can’t wait to buy one of them for Neo and see what he will look like in one of these.

Neo Coats

Top Left – Every rainy day can now be ‘dress up day’ with the super cute batman raincoat from Amazon.

Top Right – Something a bit vintage? Without totally giving away my age (!) I really like the Snoppy Rain Coat from 1983.

Bottom Left – This custom made rain coat can literally be whatever you want plus you can be sure no other three-year old will have the same coat.

Bottom Right – If you would rather keep it on the safe side, this rain coat is bright, warm and stylish.


Which one is your favourite?


Thanks for stopping by!


Kgomotso xx


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