Hair: the good, the bad and the painful

It had to happen at some point. I have been living in denial to a point where I was beginning to believe that I could grow Neo’s hair into a fine afro that will eventually turn into locs exactly identical to mine.
I had hoped that I would very miraculously and suddenly wake up with the ability to do perfectly lined cornrows while I wait for his hair to grow and eventually become locs. Instead, I am faced with a small crisis of Neo’s wild hair.
Neo’s hair has gotten so kinky and curly, he has even started staging massive protests when anyone dares suggests we wash it. If you have ever tried to shampoo an afro, you will know it takes a number of rinses for it to wash out. He has no patience for such! Not even promises of how absolutely cute he will look afterwards.
Combing, or even brushing is completely out of the question. He was already angry enough that I washed his hair so I was not about to bring up hair again; at least not on the same day.
This hair is driving us both insane so I finished day dreaming about perfectly lined cornrows, shiny afros and neat locs and decided to cut the hair back down to number one and do this right from the get-go.
Our regimen from now on:
  1. Not necessary to wash it every day – this dries it out. Just a spritz of water on the days it’s not washed to help brush it out and take out the tangles. I am using a bottle that once had spray-on conditioner.
  2. Shampoo with Johnson’s Baby shampoo – This is until I can find something that works well on ethnic hair.
  3.  Coconut Oil – I just love the smell and it makes the hair so soft.
  4.  Brushing every day and getting the tangles out.

Here are a few examples of ideal hair!

Thanks for stopping by. Have a nice day!
Kgomotso xx

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