Our visit to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

At three years old, Neo experienced his first ever winter Christmas; we’ve spent the last three Christmases during the summer either with family in South Africa or in Dubai. What better way to experience the fun of a winter Christmas than to visit Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland. Neo was feeling a little under the weather and needed cheering up; this is exactly what the doctor ordered.


I had read on different forums that it gets busy at the weekend so it as a lovely coincidence that PJ and I were both home on a Tuesday to experience winter wonderland together.


The great thing about winter wonderland is that it’s free but I do have to warn that the costs of rides tend to add up.


We got there not long after it opened and started with Santa Land to meet Santa. There was no waiting and we were done in less than 10 minutes. We hung around Santa Land while Neo was trying to make up his mind on which ride to go on. After one ride, we decided to go on the Giant Observation Wheel. This can be pre-booked online but because it was a Tuesday morning and not busy, we were able to go on it and even have the pod to ourselves!


The other attractions that also need to be pre-booked are the Magical Ice Kingdom, the ice rink (minimum age of four years old), Circus and Bar Ice. If, like us, you are with a small child, you are limited to the Giant Wheel, Magical Ice Kingdom and the circus.


We then wondered around the market and I even managed to buy myself a pair of hoop earrings for just £5.00.


Most of the cool, fast rides had a minimum age of four years so although Neo was very keen to go on the high-speed rides, he wasn’t allowed on most of them – our little dare-devil! We found a handful that we could go on to and they were good fun. We could only manage a handful though as we had to pay about four tokens (one token = £1) per person per ride!


After all that walking, it was time for lunch. The park has a few food selections but they are a bit pricey and there aren’t loads of warm places to sit down. There are lots of options though and we were spoilt for choice!


All in all it was a great way to spend the morning and was very memorable for Neo. There was a nice Christmas vibe and lots to see and do.


Our top tips for winter wonderland

  1. Go during the week if you can – it is less crowded and you get a much better experience.
  2. Download the map of the park and decide on which rides are non-negotiable and start with them.
  3. Bring cash.
  4. Have a budget and stick with it – it’s so easy to spend a couple of hundred pounds in a matter of a few hours.
  5. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes that layer.
  6. Pre-booking rides helps with fast tracking, especially when it’s busy.
  7. Check TFL for the closest station if travelling on the tube or using the bus. There is also an underground parking right next to the park for people who prefer to drive in.


Thanks for stopping by!


Kgomotso xx


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