Our perfectly imperfect Christmas

I blogged a little while ago about making our Christmas a little more South African and I am happy with how our day turned out. We had…


Our Christmas tree


Our messy Christmas Tree

Our messy Christmas Tree


Neo's snowman

Neo’s snowman


Zulu Beaded Star

Zulu Beaded Star


We got ours from the local florist on our high road and decorated it with a snowman Neo did at nursery, some Zulu love letters that I found in the house and my old necklaces. It was a mess and it was just perfect!



We have been blessed this year and we agreed to exchange gifts and get a few for Neo too. Thanks to the Black Friday sales, I managed to get a few gifts for at a discount! Score!


Christmas lunch/dinner


We have two other friends in London who are also from South Africa and who would have otherwise spent Christmas alone if we had not arranged for all us to get together and spent Christmas together. And to eat… A gold ol’ South African braai (barbecue)! That’s what we would have been having if we were back in sunny South Africa.

For dinner we had:

  • Magwinya – Also called vetkoek or fat cake in English, this is deep fried dough bread.
  • Chakalaka – This is a relish and everyone has their own recipe of what to include. It typically consists of onions, carrots, tomatoes and can be hot.
  • Tomato and onion relish – made from onions and tomatoes and an alternative to the hot chakalaka.
  • Creamed spinach.
  • Potato salad – made with sour cream, mayonnaise and chives.
  • Mielie Pap – made from refined corn, this is a staple dish in many southern African countries and is similar to polenta or cous cous.
  • Lamb chops – seasoned just with Robertson’s Steak and Chops spice. Lamb generally takes care of itself.
  • Boerewors – a South African sausage made primarily of beef.
  • Chicken – left overnight in a barbecue marinate.


Magwinya aka vetkoeks

Magwinya aka vetkoeks


The meats - the chicken is looking a little charred though

The meats – the chicken is looking a little charred though




For dessert, we had a peppermint crisp tart made with cream, crème caramel, peppermint crisp chocolate and tennis biscuits.


Peppermint Surprise dessert

Peppermint Surprise dessert


At the end of the day we were feeling happy, content and a little homesick.


How did you spend your Christmas Day?


Thanks for stopping by!


Kgomotso xx


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