Room on the broom

Julia Donaldson and illustrator Axel Scheffler are not strangers in my house and I bet mine is not the only family that is familiar with this power-duo’s books. So, when I saw tickets on a discount on Amazon Local to a play based on their book Room on the Broom, it was a no-brainer; of course we are going to see it!


On Saturday we went to the Lyric Theare in London and were lucky enough to get seats pretty close to the front.


Room on the Broom tells the story of a kind witch who invites animals on her small broom, much to the annoyance of her cat. The witch is then saved by the animals from a dragon that was threatening to eat her. It is a story about kindness, family, friendship, cooperation and also overcoming things that frighten you with the help of friends.


The play ran for about an hour and got Neo to jump up from his seat a few times from excitement when he remembered parts of the story. The book has been adapted for theater and the additions were good and fit in well with the rest of the story. There were moments in the play that even got the adults chuckling along. I was a bit apprehensive that the appearance of the dragon and that whole scene would be scary for Neo but was seemed fine. I think it helped that he was familiar with the story and knew what to expect. The dragon was hilarious and all the animals had a back story that makes all of them so endearing.


Room on the Broom set - The beginning of the play

Room on the Broom set – The beginning of the play


The Room on the Broom set

The Room on the Broom set


Paying close attention

Paying close attention

Just a few notes…

  • The play, although great, could have been a little more interactive in trying to keep the younger audiences involved.
  • The play is recommended for children who are three years plus (exception for babes in arms).
  • The scenes involving the dragon and the rescue could potentially be scary for some children.

All in all, a good play that I would highly recommend.

Thanks for stopping by!


Kgomotso xx




12 thoughts on “Room on the broom

  1. Ooh must try and catch it when it comes nearer here – looks like Brum might be an option. N loves Room on the Broom, and his first theatre trip was in the summer, so surely time for another trip #pocolo

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