Adding a bit of zing to our little corner of the internet

I decided even before the start of the New Year the blog needed a bit of work. It is our very own corner of the internet and I was beginning to feel like it was not representing me, Neo and PJ very well or that I was not taking it seriously. It was lacking personality, colour, fizz, pizazz, you name it! When I was picking my blog theme, I was thinking minimalistic but I ended up with boring.


Enter Helen at Ellie Illustrates! I had seen a few of her designs from bloggers I follow on twitter and I instantly fell in love with her work. I sent her a brief and asked her to please work some magic on my own humble little blog. When she sent me the header that she did, I nearly burst into tears! It was just on point and she captured our little family perfectly. She hung in there with me while I was ooh-ing and aah-ing about which theme to pick and really just worked with me to bring the blog to life.


The header features me, PJ and Neo and the London skyline. I love that there is a South African flag in there too. When Neo first saw the header, he pointed at the far left picture and shouted ‘That’s you, Mommy!’.


My new avatar

My new avatar – look at my dreads!

Now, I am a little less embarrassed to publicize the site and have now been inspired to work on some of the other ideas I had for the blog!

Thanks for stopping by and watch this space.


Kgomotso xx





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