Scandi labels for cool boys

We have just come back from a city break in Stockholm and I just fell in love with the boys’ clothes!

The ‘less is more’ approach coupled with practical and bolts of bold colours is a combination that’s hard to beat.I love that clothes are stylish but also user-friendly, especially for the likes of Neo who has not yet mastered the art of fiddling with buttons and small hooks.

I’ve rounded up a few favourite pieces for Autumn/Winter 2014; all of these are available in the UK and in most cases for world-wide shipping.




I love these with the mix of muted and cool blues with a splash of bright yellow for different colour combinations.





The clothes from Duns Sweden have lots of interesting animals that are sure to make dressing up fun.




This is the only label that was familiar to me. Neo has a few items from Polarn O. Pyret that have lasted and lasted. I love that they stand out and are great quality.


nova srat

Think age-appropriate street style; these clothes are on trend and current.  The elastic waist on the jeans means Neo doesn’t have to scream ‘do my button’ after a visit to the bathroom.





I. Love. H&M. Not just for Neo but for me too. It’s easy on the wallet, fun, quirky and designed for kids; not mini-men. This round up would really be incomplete without H&M.




And that concludes our favourite pieces! Please share your favourite Scandi labels in the comment box below.


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Top 10 Boys Summer Essentials

So we have activities for the summer sorted, I have rounded up our favourite top ten essentials to see us through the summer.

In no particular order

1. Statement head gear

I love these hats, I want one for myself.

NY Cap

Boys NY Snapback Hat – £8.00 from River Island


2. Cool Sunnies


Bluezoo Monkey Patterned Sunglasses> – £2.50 from amazon


3. Denim shorts

Frayed denim shorts - STEM GREEN

Why blend in when you can stand out in these frayed stem green denim shorts – On sale for £10.99 from Gap


4. T shirt

This is my favourute bit – I love tshirts

blue t shirt

Elvis Pressly t-shirt – £8.53 from etsy


5. Converse slip ons



I love converse! (I promise I’m not being paid to promote them) – find a pair on sale for £15.00 at office

6. Teacher’s Pet Orange Fox Backpack

land of nod


I love that this bag is an equal measure of cool and cute. Find yours at Land of Nod for $29.00

7. A good book – The Scarecrows’ Wedding

scarecrows wedding


Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler have collaborated on a new book that is sure to please fans. This will give children an idea of just what it takes to plan for a wedding!

Found yours on amazon for £5.00 (Hurry!)

8. Going from A to B – Micro Balance Bike

micro balance bike

Can’t think of a cooler way to get around – £99.95 from amazon

9. Protection against the summer sun

sun lotion


Which? survey gave Calypso Sun Lotion the green light out of a three other products. Good enough for us! £4.94 from amazon

10. Staying hydrated



This water bottle can be personalised with your child’s name. No need to worry about labeling it and what not. £12.99 from Toys R Us


I think we are sorted; time to go and have some fun!


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Rock ‘n Roll Bands

I may not always have my finger on the pulse for the latest in music but the festival season is in full swing and wearing a band t-shirt is the ultimate way to being a groupie. Rock n Roll never goes out fashion.

I’ve rounded up a few classic rock and roll band t shirts.

1 – Pink Floyd

2 – Classic legends Queen

3 –Guns N’ Roses

4 – It’s not rock n roll but I just couldn’t resist a bit of Bob Marley

5. England’s very own Beatles

6. This round up would be incomplete without AC DC


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Rain or… rain! – Part 2

It feels a little strange posting about rain coats in the middle of a heat wave but the BBC says it will be raining in London this week-end and the most of next week so some outerwear is in order.


I thought it good to continue this series on rain coats and focus on toddler and preschooler boys. I had a lot of fun finding these and I can’t wait to buy one of them for Neo and see what he will look like in one of these.

Neo Coats

Top Left – Every rainy day can now be ‘dress up day’ with the super cute batman raincoat from Amazon.

Top Right – Something a bit vintage? Without totally giving away my age (!) I really like the Snoppy Rain Coat from 1983.

Bottom Left – This custom made rain coat can literally be whatever you want plus you can be sure no other three-year old will have the same coat.

Bottom Right – If you would rather keep it on the safe side, this rain coat is bright, warm and stylish.


Which one is your favourite?


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Rain or…rain!

In South Africa, rain has the power to stop well made plans in their tracks; not so in London! Never has the phrase ‘rain or shine’ rung so true. It has taken me five and a half years and a day at a South-end seaside soaking wet and cold from the rain to realise that my South Africa bought flimsy rain coat for me and the cute but totally impractical Thomas one for Neo will no longer do. Thus the search for rain coats has begun!

The criterion is simple: practical, dark colours, warm and as much as possible, fashionable!

Here’s what I like for myself:

Helly Hansen Women's Winter Long Belfast Waterproof Jacket

Helly Hansen Women’s Winter Long Belfast Waterproof Jacket

ASOS Rain Mac In Flower Print

ASOS Rain Mac In Flower Print

Betty Jackson. Black Designer natural hooded mac

Betty Jackson. Black Designer natural hooded mac

Seasalt Waterproof Kellifray Mac,Squid Ink

Seasalt Waterproof Kellifray Mac,Squid Ink

ELLOS Padded Showerproof Blouson Jacket

ELLOS Padded Showerproof Blouson Jacket

M&S Collection Hooded Anorak with Stormwear™

M&S Collection Hooded Anorak with Stormwear™


I like the Betty Jackson. Black Natural Hooded Mac; I wish it were a different colour though, something brighter. Which one did you like?

Kgomotso xx