It hasn’t always been like this…In fact, I’m learning as I go along

I remember when we were in South Africa with Neo and I took him to our family church. He must have been about five months old. I don’t know why, but every time I pick out something out for Neo, I think about that day and how I let him and me down by not presenting the best of ourselves. Not in a pretentious way, but in a way that we can look ourselves in the mirror and be ok with what we see.
A few weeks ago, I had to think about what he would wear for picture day at nursery. Do I make him super casual or do I treat this like a special occasion and dress him up? In the end, I figured I would let Neo take the lead; not in the same way he took the lead and decided to wear wellies on the sunniest and hottest day of the year. More in the sense that I should let his personality come through in his clothes… somehow!
So after numerous comings and goings, I finally decided on something that we would both be ok with when we look back at this photo: cargo pants; t shirt and trainers. Simple enough!
Here is my inspiration from MCP Actions
What I was going for was a look that wont be too dated but one that also reflects his age. I also didn’t want him to suddenly feel stiff and uncomfortable wearing things he would not ordinarily wear. So now, when I see his smile in the picture, I know he’s comfortable in himself and the smile is genuine. I threw in a book as a prop for good measure too.
What’s your recipe for a picture perfect outfit for your toddler?