Our California Adventure Family Road Trip

California Adventure

My family and I have come back from the most awesome, fun filled and amazing road trip in California, the incredible #rammzepicroadtrip. I remember looking out the window while on the road and thinking what a brilliant time we are having and I wanted to pinch myself to make sure it was all real and I wasn’t dreaming. It wasn’t all smooth-going all the way, and that was the beauty of it. Our holiday had all the ingredients of a perfect family road trip: lots of laughing out loud, sunny and warm temperatures, lots of highs, some down time, a bit of stressing followed by warm hugs, some scream-with-excitement moments, a decent number of lie-ins, late nights and good food. My husband PJ called it the ‘bestest family holiday!’and I tend to agree.

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Our California Road Trip check list

I blogged a little while ago about our 2015 travel wish list and we decided to move our main trip to California in a few weeks!


So we are going on a road trip from San Francisco! I’m so excited; there are nights I actually can’t sleep. I am planning the trip myself and hoping to make it a really fun trip, not just filled with the usual posing in front of things and all that. So, here are key things on how I am getting on.

Map of our trip 

We will spend a few days in San Francisco and then work our way to Los Angeles. The plan is to not spend more than three hours in the car between the stops we are making along the way. I don’t think Neo, or either of us for that matter, will enjoy spending that much time in the car!

Pacific Highway Road Trip Map

Road Trip Map

Getting there

We are flying into LAX and catching a one way flight to San Francisco. Flights to SFO were a bit more expensive and seeing as we were going to take a one way flight, it made more sense to choose the cheaper option and fly into LA.

Tip: Flights to the US are cheapest from January to March. Unless you buy on sale, the difference can be large.


Car hire

We are hiring a car from San Francisco to LA. If you are ever doing this yourself, it’s important to pick car hire companies that will not charge you extra for one way travel.

Tip: In California, there is no charge to add an additional driver when hiring a car; double check this when you are booking the car.


Car seat hire

I found the cost of this to be a bit ridiculous.  If you have pre-schooler children, maybe consider getting the BoostApak instead of hiring a car seat. It is a back pack that also doubles as a booster seat that will be perfect for Neo to use. I bought mine for £15 off ebay.


BoostApak - image from www.trunki,com

BoostApak – image from http://www.trunki,com


Charges for a GPS can be a bit high even thought there is a limit of about $65.  We have a Garmin navigator and I would rather load maps and take that with me. If you are on Three network, like me, you can use your mobile phone in the USA without being charged any roaming fees. That means we can use google maps and Waze to help us navigate our way without any additional charges.


Things to do and see

I  will share the highlights:

Alcatraz – better to book this well in advance

Golden Gate Bridge

Cable Cars

Disneyland Resort

Hollywood sign

Universal studios


I am trying to find a reasonable compromise between planning the itinerary and leaving enough blanks for some spontaneous activities.


Have you been? Any suggestions of what to do as a family with a three year old?

Thanks for stopping by!

Kgomotso xx